Friday, May 24

Bitcoin Pizza Day: Will Bitcoin Surpass $70,000?

Bitcoin Pizza Day is upon us once again, an anniversary commemorating the first recorded Bitcoin transaction when two pizzas were purchased back in 2010. This event, documented in our article “Bitcoin Pizza Day and Why It Is Important“, has become a milestone within the community, symbolizing Bitcoin’s journey from obscurity to a mainstream currency.

This year, and Bitcasino have stepped up to the plate, offering promotions and opportunities for crypto enthusiasts to join in the Bitcoin Pizza Day festivities.’s Bitcoin Pizza Day Betting Event has cooked up something special for Bitcoin Pizza Day with its exclusive event. Participants are invited to wager on whether Bitcoin will exceed the $70,000 mark by day’s end.

The promotion offers an attractive odds of 5.0 for believers in Bitcoin’s potential to surpass this milestone. Alternatively, those opting a conservative approach, betting on Bitcoin to remain below $70,000, can do so at odds of 1.20. Settlement of bets will be based on the CoinMarketCap price at 23:59 UTC on May 22nd.

Plus, newcomers can kickstart their journey with a risk-free bet of up to $20 and up to $500 in free bets using the deposit bonus code: SPORTS. So, are you up for the Bitcoin betting challenge?


Bitcasino’s Bitcoin Pizza Giveaway

Meanwhile, Bitcasino is also spicing up the celebration, offering a unique giveaway that promises participants the chance to win up to 10 mBTC in random drops.

But that’s not all, new users can score a bonus of up to 1,500 USDT added to their first deposit of at least 50 USDT. If that doesn’t satisfy your craving for excitement, they’re throwing in a 20% cashback welcome bonus to sweeten the deal even further.

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Fun and rewards in the Crypto space

Both events highlight the lively interactive essence of the crypto gambling community, offering multiple ways to celebrate and potentially profit on this historic bitzaday!

In the spirit of celebration, consider exploring some lesser-known but fascinating facts about Bitcoin. While they may not deepen your understanding, they certainly add to the intrigue of the crypto world.

Last call to celebrate!

With and Bitcasino leading the charge, Bitcoin Pizza Day promises to be an unforgettable celebration for crypto enthusiasts everywhere. So mark your calendars, place your bets, and don’t miss out on the action—join the celebration today!

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