Friday, May 24

QuickSwap’s #1 Ranked Crypto Podcast and #2 Twitter Space “All Roads Lead to Polygon” Rebrands to “The Aggregated”, Opens Arms to Entire Web3 Community!

Illustration showing the evolution from monolithic to modular to aggregated systems with a dragon and Polygon logo in the background

In a groundbreaking move, QuickSwap’s widely acclaimed Web3 podcast, “All Roads Lead to Polygon” (ARLTP), has undergone a major rebrand. Hosted by leading Polygon DeFi suite QuickSwap, the podcast is considered by most media to be the top web3 podcast in the world, as it was also the second most popular Twitter Space of 2023. Often attracting anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 listeners per episode, QuickSwap’s podcast known for curating insightful discussions with esteemed figures in the blockchain, financial, tech, and entertainment industries is now expanding its horizons to become even more inclusive and open to new projects, ecosystems, and emerging on-chain technologies. With this exciting development, QuickSwap’s podcast will take on the name “The Aggregated,” to reflect and honor its commitment to breaking down tribalistic attitudes and fostering collaboration across ALL decentralized ecosystems.

The name “The Aggregated” is in fact a direct reference to Polygon Labs and its AggLayer technology.

By adopting the name “The Aggregated,” QuickSwap is hoping to bring together representatives from a wider array of projects, ecosystems and on-chain technologies to share their unique perspectives in order to engage in healthy, potentially industry-changing debates. QuickSwap’s “All Roads Lead To Polygon” podcast has played a crucial role in evangelizing the Polygon ecosystem and its high-performance scalability solutions. It is also frequently cited as the top Crypto Podcast world wide, as it was ranked the number two Space amongst all Twitter Spaces in 2023. QuickSwap’s podcasting team is ready to make the transition to serve the broader Web3 market and far beyond as it continues to accomplish its goal of mainstream adoption and conquest.

Illustration depicting technological evolution from monolithic to aggregated systems, featuring a dragon and the Polygon logo
Technological Evolution with Dragon and Polygon Logo

Looking Ahead: The Future of “The Aggregated”

QuickSwap has continually brought in powerful and well-informed guests to cover a wide range of topicsWeb3’s most controversial and complex topics. The podcast’s guest list reads like a who’s who of the crypto world and beyond, featuring prominent names such as Wendy-O, BitBoy (Ben Armstrong), Dapp Radar, Polygon Founder Sameep Singhania, Gala Games, Moby Media, Crypto Magazine, Orbs, Gamma, Decrypt,, DogeChain, Magic Eden, NFT Gators, TrustSwap, ParaSwap, TechCrunch, AltCoin Daily, Violetta Zironi, BlockStars Technology, Donald Trump’s Intel and Counter Intel Team: “We The People Az Alliance”, and many more. Each episode offers a unique blend of “infotainment” with insights, respectful debates, and exclusive alpha, often employing elements of comedy and varying personalities to make QuickSwap’s “All Roads Lead to Polygon” and soon-to-be “The Aggregated” a go-to resource for staying ahead of the curve in the on-chain world, as many industry wide directives as well as connections have been settled, discussed, and came to be from the show.

As “The Aggregated” sets its sights on the future, it promises to continue delivering the latest news, major developments, and juicy alpha from all corners of the web3 space. It promises to continue on with what it refers to itself frequently as “the roman bathhouse” of the cryptosphere, with open debates and all types of personalities accepted. With its rebranding, expanded scope, and ongoing commitment to inclusivity, the podcast will play an instrumental role in bridging gaps, fostering collaboration, and pushing the boundaries of innovation within the web3 community. “The Aggregated” invites EVERYONE from new projects, emerging ecosystems, KOLs, Media, Celebrities, CEOs, Degens, and all people of the Web3 space and beyond to join the podcast, share their alpha, info, and intel, and tell THEIR favorite personalized stories!

Look for QuickSwap’s “The Aggregated” Every Friday on Twitter at 3pm UTC.

If you are looking to become a first-time guest on the show, there is no better time to break in than right now!

Reach out directly to “The Aggregated” through their official Telegram or Twitter handles for booking: @QuickswapDEX, @MBDMCrypto, or @Panda_QuickSwap.

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