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AIGOLD Goes Live, Introducing the First Gold Backed Crypto Project

George Town, Cayman Islands, May 8th, 2024, Chainwire

AIGOLD is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative cryptocurrency project. This groundbreaking initiative integrates artificial intelligence with the enduring value of gold, aiming to redefine the landscape of digital assets. The presale phase of AIGOLD is currently underway, with early access available at

AIGOLD: Pioneering Gold Integration in Cryptocurrency with Enhanced Security and Market Stability

AIGOLD is aiming to lead the integration of gold into the cryptocurrency sector, enhancing security and stability for those engaged in trading. The platform’s design includes dedicating a portion of the proceeds from the presale of AIG (AIGOLD) tokens to acquire PAXG tokens. PAXG tokens are backed by physical gold, each representing one fine troy ounce stored in LBMA-certified vaults in London. At launch, the liquidity pool, underpinned by over one million dollars in PAXG, will be securely locked and aligned with gold price movement

The initial presale price for AIGOLD is set at $0.0035 per token and the project underwent comprehensive audits from Cyberscope and is currently being audited by CertiK, underscore AIGOLD’s commitment to security and transparency. As the market trends towards gold-backed assets, AIGOLD is looking to offer a unique platform that not only secures value but also rewards participants with gold, enhancing their participation in the evolving digital economy. 

AIGOLD: Leading Sustainable Digital Finance with Strategic Tokenomics

AIGOLD team’s innovative tokenomics structure is crafted to foster growth and establish a solid foundation for its next developmental phase. This structure, along with a strategic tax model, is aimed at enhancing the benefits for participants in the ecosystem. By reinvesting 2% of every transaction back into the liquidity pool, AIGOLD looks to ensure a dynamic and well-supported trading environment. Additionally, a designated marketing allocation aims at keeping AIGOLD prominent in the marketplace, driving ongoing visibility and engagement. The team sees the self-sustaining approach as marking a notable evolution in the cryptocurrency arena, positioning AIGOLD as a leader in sustainable digital finance practices.

AIGOLD: Empowering Future Financial Landscapes with Innovative Rewards and Stability

AIGOLD’s ecosystem offers multiple compensation methods to its participants, including rewards in gold for every transaction. Holders of AIG tokens will potentially benefit from a 5% share of gold with each buy and sell action, thanks to AIG’s built-in reward mechanism. This reward is issued in digital gold, which can also be claimed physically. AIGOLD not only provides rewards in gold but also serves as a strategic hedge against inflation and de-dollarization. By integrating artificial intelligence with gold, AIGOLD is not merely a tool for potential profit but a forward-looking platform designed to empower participants for future financial landscapes.

AIGOLD is dropping a never-before-seen Real Gold-backed NFT Mining Permit Collection as a bonus with exclusive benefits for NFT holders

AIGOLD is excited to announce the limited release of its real gold-backed NFT Mining Permits, with a total of only 4,000 permits ever to be issued. These exclusive mining permits offer additional benefits to AIG NFT holders, including receiving an annual share of 25% of the profits from gold recovered in AIG’s mining operations. This innovative approach positions AIG NFT holders to benefit from the burgeoning digital economy.

For more details and to ensure early access, users visit to secure their place on the whitelist.

AIGOLDs team marks a transformative point in the development of digital currencies by integrating artificial intelligence with genuine gold mining. This initiative is led by new technology, including an AI-integrated exploration recovery vessel (ERV) equipped with state-of-the-art tools and LIDAR systems. These advancements facilitate the extraction of gold from the seabed in the Bering Sea, where estimates suggest there are over 500 million ounces of gold. With the rising value of gold, strategic positioning is crucial. AIGOLD’s founder and CEO, Forest, from Cornell University, stated, “At AIGOLD, we are forging a unique combination of advanced artificial intelligence, forefront technology, and the reliability of gold-backed assets.” For more details about AIGOLD, including its tokenomics, token metrics, and gold paper, users can visit

The AIG Team is set to introduce a variety of incentives and special offers to benefit AIG token holders. These include exclusive NFT Mining Permits, participation in charity events, air drops, and official merchandise available through the AIG store. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to enter a Tesla Cyber Truck Competition.

For more details on these exciting opportunities, users can visit

AIGOLD’s Tesla Cybertruck Competition

AIGOLD is currently hosting a Cybertruck Competition featuring the chance to win a Tesla Cybertruck among a total of 20 prizes. The Tesla Cybertruck boasts remarkable features such as bulletproof construction, a waterproof or wade mode that allows driving in up to 30 inches of water, and a durable exoskeleton similar to materials used in Space X rockets. This all-electric vehicle includes Tesla’s autopilot system, accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.6 seconds, can tow up to 11,000 lbs, and travels up to 340 miles on a single charge, all while being equipped with advanced interior technology. This competition is skill-based, not a random draw.

In an era where durability and real-world utility are highly valued, AIGOLD offers a substantial opportunity. Moving away from transient trends in cryptocurrency, AIGOLD is looking to establish itself as a significant force with the potential to impact the crypto market significantly this year.


AIGOLD is the first-ever cryptocurrency project to back its liquidity pool in gold. Founded in 2023, they are a cryptocurrency ecosystem and a digital currency that offers a reward mechanism that pays out digital gold to all of their token holders. They are the first of their kind, bringing together AI and real gold mining. AIGOLD is a real utility token and aims to act as a hedge against inflation. They offer gold-backed assets through the buy/sell of their AIG token and access to the profits from their gold mining operations to Gold Mining NFT holders. AIGOLD is committed to and strives to become one of the top 100 cryptocurrencies and get on top-tier 1 exchanges. They are on a mission to maintain a self-sustainable, well-balanced, and healthy ecosystem where their investors and their ecosystem thrive. They aim to build a community of investors from around the world, including Bitcoin and Ethereum enthusiasts.

Users can find more information about AIGOLD on the following platforms:

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AIGold is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.


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