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The Most Unique Games on Roobet Casino

Most players judge a casino by how many games it has, what kind of games it has, and the quality of games it has. And while we agree these are great metrics to measure the success of a platform, we are more interested in how unique the platform is. What makes it different from all the other options in the saturated sea of online crypto gambling? 

Some may embrace a kangaroo theme; some may offer unusual features; but one of the most common ways to stand out as a casino is by offering proprietary games. 

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What are proprietary and house games?

Prorpriatry games are privately created and owned games. These games are usually protected by a patented, trademark, or copyright. But more importantly, in terms of casinos, it means these games were created for one casino only.

Unlike other casino games that have been created by software providers like Spinominal or Pragmatic Play and are on offer at any casino that can afford them, house and proprietary games are unique. This means that you will only be able to access these house games at the casino that created them, ensuring a unique experience that is not available on any other platform. 

Best roobet house games


There is no Roobet game more infamous than the CoinFlip. This game keeps people up at night, hoping and praying for the day they land a perfect 10 flips. It is a pretty self-explanatory game. Players open up a game and vs other players, or a bot, to see who will guess the correct side the coin lands on. Guess correctly and you win the prize pool. 

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Snoop’s Hotbox

This modern twist on a classic casino game is made so much better by the celebrity Roobet is partnered with, Snoop Dogg himself. The game features the same standard rules as a regular crash, cash out your bet before the multiplier crashes. But instead of boring rockets blasting through the sky, you have Snoop Dogg smoking a joint and making the multiplier get almost as high as him. The animations, attention to detail, and classic crash mechanics make this a fan favorite. 

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Mission Uncrossable

Why did the chicken cross the road? Well, the Roobet chicken crossed the road because there was a massive multiplier win on the other side. Roobet’s latest, and some claiming greatest, original game addition features 4 difficulty levels such as Easy, Medium, Hard, and Daredevil. You better time your step successfully or you and your casino balance just might become road kill. Launched on a few days ago, be the first to experience the thrill of Mission Uncrossable. 

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Yeti Cash Dash

Another fan favorite, Yeti Cash Dash follows a similar system as your classic Mines or Towers style games. Players must dash their way across the frozen waters as they collect larger sums of cash with each icey island their Yeti lands on. Will you make it across the treacherous seas? Or will you fall in and lose all your profits? See for yourself. 

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Play Roobet original games now

There are a bunch of other Roobet original games for you to check out, but these above recommendations are just the most unique. They offer something that can not be found anywhere else and in such a fun and entertaining way. 

Our favorite is of course the Coinflip. Although, Mission Uncrossable is pretty fun too. But even if you prefer something a little more simple, or even something more complex, Roobet has so many other great Roobet proprietary games for you to test out. They have 11 house games in total, and some of the other titles included are Plinko, Dice, Mines, Jungle Mines, Roulette, Crash, and Towers, alongside all the others we already mentioned. 

Not only does Roobet offer you a unique gaming experience, but they really have gone above and beyond to bring you the very best in quality too. Head over to Roobet now and see what all the fuss is about, or check out our comprehensive Roobet Casino Review where we discuss everything they have to offer. 

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