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Play for FREE on Roobet Casino with Lootably 

Gone are the days of highly rewarding crypto casino faucets. Forgotten are the days of wager-free no-deposit bonuses. With inflation and the general cost of living, it can be hard to set aside a budget for the things you love, like gambling. 

Whether the markets have you in hodl mode, or you have to make ends meet this month, or even if you just want some free casino funds; Roobet Casino is providing its users with a way to play for free. 

What is Lootably and why use it?

Remember the good old days when you could get in-game currencies, for whatever mobile game, by simply downloading another game or answering a survey? Well, Roobet is bringing back that magic but with real casino funds. 

Roobet has integrated with Lootably a rewards company focused on providing mobile apps and websites with monetization solutions to maximize their earnings. By recommending other apps and websites to users who then get rewarded for engaging with said platforms, Lootably has created an interconnected cycle of profit for all involved. But more importantly, Lootably and Roobet have found a way to give casino users free funds to play with. 

How to play for free on Roobet

Firstly, you will need to have a Roobet casino account. You will then need to navigate your way to the top left corner of the website and click on “Free Play”. And there you have it, you can start claiming your rewards for tasks completed. Your reward will be dependent on your task and its allotted points. You can browse through tasks under categories like: 

  • All
  • Desktop
  • Shopping
  • Surveys 
  • One Click 
  • Apps
  • Purchases 

1 point is equivalent to $1. Some tasks, like downloading Surfshark VPN and purchasing a monthly subscription will award you +11 points. Other tasks like completing a survey may earn you anywhere from 0.4 points to infinite points. Some tasks can be repeated multiple times, hence allowing you to earn multiple points. Whether it is downloading Harvest Land or purchasing a Casetify case, Lootably allows you to earn real playable US dollars for completing tasks. 

How to play for free on RoobetHow to play for free on Roobet
Roobet homepage.

Play and win for real

Once you have completed your Lootably tasks and your casino account has been credited those free funds, you can start playing and winning for real. 

Every point you earn will be converted into one US dollar, which can be used to play games and win big. It really is that simple, thanks to Roobet and their innovative approach to allowing their players to earn funds. This very much aligns with what faucets once were, a rewards system for players completing a task. Sure the tasks are a lot more complex now, and the rewards are not as lucrative, but nonetheless Roobet has made a plan to provide accessibility to even more players. We appreciate this initiative so much and will be sure to take advantage of it once the holidays have drained our bank accounts. 

Head over and claim your free Roobet funds right now! Alternatively, be sure to check out our comprehensive Roobet Casino Review where you can learn everything you need to know about this entertaining and rewarding casino. 

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